Domaine de la Tuilerie 1984

The 1984 Armagnac from Domaine de la Tuilerie, aged for 39 years, was praised for its rich complexity, balance, and deep layers, reminiscent of old cognac, dark plum, and rum notes. Selected by the first jury: special, characterful Armagnac! You will see the final label design once the bottle(s) arrives. Surprise!

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The Domaine de la Tuilerie is a small family farm nestled in the heart of Bas-Armagnac, the renowned terroir of “sables fauves”. Colette Remazeilles, third generation at the head of the estate, raises 2 hectares of Baco grapes there to produce amazing Armagnacs in her wood-fired still.

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This 1984 Armagnac from Domaine de la Tuilerie was selected by the jury for its rich complexity and balance. Nicholas found the nose “lovely and warm,” like an “old cigar box” and the palate “thick, oily, and dark fruity like old cognac” with an “amazing” mouthfeel. Pietro noted “dark plum” fruits and reminiscent rum notes – specifically some old rums from Guadeloupe and even Diamond from Guyana. Matured in a very small, old wood-fired still then a wet cellar, this Bas-Armagnac has developed deep, intriguing layers described by Pietro as “complexity, oiliness with the wood, without the astringency.” Bertrand claimed this Armagnac “checks all of the boxes” with a nose that is “deeper, darker, and more complex” and gives off rich “black cherry, exotic fruit” notes. 

The jurors agreed it was a special, characterful spirit – the epitome of a great old Armagnac. Don’t miss this rare chance to experience a 1984 taste hand-selected by our enthusiastic, amateur spirits fans.

Grape: 100% Baco
Age: 39 years old
ABV: 44.5% – Cask strength: natural reduction; no additives (sugar, color)
Barrel: Made by the famous cooper Bartholomo, with oak from the La Tuilerie estate. Now that’s terroir!
Bottle size: 700ml

Tasting note

Nose: Deep and dark, shy initially but opens in the glass, warm, old cigar box, complex, black cherry and exotic fruit notes
Mouth: Dark, woody, earthy, cocoa, thick, oily, dark fruity like old cognac
Finish: Very long

Please note: Amateur Spirit is a pre-buy bottling. The period of sale is open for 7 days, then closed. There is a maximum amount of bottles possible (what’s left in the barrel). Once the 7 days are over (maybe less if all the bottles are sold), the bottling starts at the estate, the labels will be printed, the bottles will be labeled, and then shipped from France.

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